Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Chapter 18 of American Passages covers a very interesting and important time period of United States history. One of the key topics covered was the activity going on in the major cities. The growth and development of the cities was crucial to the emergence of the united states the powerhouse nation that it eventually became. At the same time, chapter 18 covered the separation, segregation, poverty, and all around poor lifestyle that many residents of the major cities had to endure. Along with the development of the cities, chapter 18 also discussed the emergence of the suburbs becoming where the more well off groups of people made their home. Another major topic the reader cannot ignore was the fact that even though slavery had been abolished already, the minorities in the country were treated well or fairly by many. The south still had many issues with African Americans, while the immigrants coming from Europe were also looked down upon for "stealing" jobs. Darwin's theory was being used to explain why white people were "better", and at some points the immigration abilities were taken away from certain nationalities.

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