Thursday, January 24, 2008

first blog

So I'm not really sure either as to what we're suppose to write about here, perhaps talk about the secondary text? 
But as I was reading the other blogs I don't think that's what we're to do. 
With that, I'll say that I am too excited about this project that takes us outside the classroom and into the community of Winter Park. Especially because I'm not from around here, but from up North. It will be very interesting for me to learn more about this community.
 In one of my philosophy classes last year we were to go out into Winter Park and interview random people and ask them to be interviewed. It was very cool hearing stories from random people who either have lived here their whole lives or who were just visiting. So with this project I'm looking forward to having more of a direction and specific genre to ask about. I expect that the stories these people will share with us will be very interesting and worth listening to. 

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  1. yeah, should be a good time. why are we focusing on fire fighters? What do they do in Winter Park anyways, pull cats out of trees? ha