Thursday, January 31, 2008


Big test tomorrow. Monumental. The hard part about history is that everyone has their own point of view on what happened and what is important. What one may think is a big change in history, one might disregard. This is especially apparent in one of the books we are reading in my Social Studies for Teachers class: "Lies My Teacher Never Told Me". In "Lies", the author pinpoints many events in history that history textbooks usually gloss over, paint a prettier positive picture than what truly existed, or events are even completely omitted. For example, there is an entire chapter of "Lies" that discusses Christopher Columbus; we usually think of Columbus as our country's original discoverer and a brilliant man, both of which are so far from the truth. Many races of people discovered America first and he even raped and pillaged the natives. Nevertheless we still celebrate a holiday after him..... My point is that history has many vantage points and that it is hard to know the cold hard truth about everything unless you were there. Hopefully Professor Chambliss will highlight big events that I will have found to be important on this test as well. Good luck everyone.

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