Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blog 4

I learned a great deal from the fire chief and about the winter park fire fighting department. It was great to see his enthusiasm for our project, which was encouraging and got me more excited to start extensively researching on our topic. I found it interesting to learn about the brotherhood among fire fighters. We read about this in our first secondary reading, but it was much better and influential hearing it from someone actually in the department. There is so much tradition in firefighting that continues to this day, such as the leather helmets and red fire trucks. I also enjoyed hearing about how Winter Park Fire Department is currently trying to make great changes, including the seat belts in the back of ambulences. The technology that is also available for firefighters who enter burning buildings is amazing. Finally, it was helpful to look at the Winter Park Historical website in class today. I also viewed it later on, which gave me a better idea of what this project consists of.

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