Tuesday, February 26, 2008

blog #4

I promised last week that I'll blog twice to make up for what I forgot to do the week before last week, but I still forgot. Nicole an I went to the archives last Monday trying to find something on the mall fire, but there wasn;t much luck. Not to mention peer-reviewed articles, even the newspaper articles on that subject was scarce. We did find some photos after the mall fire, and the cause of the mall fire is still unknown. It is interesting, though, because the stores are not supposed to be opened on Easter Sundays (at least nowadays, it's not). We now have a vague idea of the scene of the fire, and we know that the fire department was praised for its quick response.
We went to the Winter Park public library today to find more articles. We obtained one great news article from Orlando Sentinel that seem to have a more comprehensive description on the fire. Because of its large size, it is hard to be photocopied. We were told to pick it up in digital form tomorrow at the library. Definitely looking forward to it

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