Friday, February 1, 2008

blog. yay?

So after struggling tremendously to figure out how to work this thing, I have finally figured it out. It also helped that Chambliss added my email to the list. Technically, this wasn't my fault. Anyways this whole blogging thing is my new enemy. Well, maybe now I actually know how to use it, it won't be so bad...Not to mention, Dr.Chambliss officially thinks im technologically challenged.
The test today wasn't too bad...pretty fair, I'd say. And I was so excited that Candler was on there because I made a point to figure out who took over Coca-Cola. Well, excited may be an overstatement, but still.
Much to everyone's surprise, I AM excited for the GROUP project. I am not at all repulsed by my partner (as Chambliss said), this should be pretty fun. I'm excited to learn about the firefighters because I am interested in law enforcement and criminology...I guess fires will suffice for now. I think making the website will be interesting because I haven't ever worked on one before. Maybe my computer skills will improve...maybe.
I guess this wasn't so bad for my first blog. Yes, I said it. It may be nice to get a little history frustration out.

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