Saturday, February 23, 2008


Going to the fire department was a lot of fun... it was really cool to see how everything is done behind the scenes since usually all I see are the trucks pulling into McKean slowly because the fire alarm has been pulled. I'm definitely going to go to the station again to research and go through the documents there, it seems like I can get a lot of info there.
The last secondary writing we just did was really boring and hard to write. The context of the reading was definitely not hard, but it was difficult to pull ideas solely from captions of the pictures. Hopefully the next one won't be like that.
I have FINALLY begun researching for the project which is good, considering the rough draft is due this week (I think). I need to stop procrastinating on this project!! I figure once I get going, it won't be so bad to put together. Hopefully it won't be too hard to find more information on our topic.

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