Sunday, February 3, 2008

Yeah~the test was okay. I use to dislike history classes because all that mattered was on DD/MM/YYYY what and what without the spending such a long time memorizing the date, just talking about the event and the significance is so much better! Yay for that~
So the only thing I need to hate right now is English.
And next time I'll remember to do the identification first. I was a little OCD on doing things in order. It BOTHERED me A LOT by having the essay question placed as the 1st question on the test.
I was writing like crazy, non-stop for 50+5 minutes, and barely finished the test. I really wanted to answer the Chinese immigrant question, but that was a lot of reading and I knew I would be slow on things, so I gave it a glance and gave it up. It wasn't history's fault; it was English's (all right~ I have to blame on SOMETHING~).
Although I've got the topics on the group project, I'm still uncertain where to start. I started looking at the winter park fire department web site, and it gave a brief description on its history. Knowing that Rollins was once burnt down to the ground is...interesting (I would choose a better word, but who uses a dictionary when blogging?) It wasn't until the 50's that they started emplying paid firefghters, and back then the firefighting equipment was a one-horse wagon that carried 500 feet of hose and an extension ladder.
Hopefully I can find more in-depth resources when I do more researchs later on.

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