Friday, March 21, 2008

Blog 3/21

I'm glad that there has finally been mention of the dust bowl. Reading through the chapters on "the roaring twenties" and the great depression, I was expecting to see the farmer's migration and soil depletion at any moment. So when chapter 24 didn't bring it up at all, I was confused. Chapter 25 has definitely addressed it now and I feel comfortable and familiar with the content. Even though I've heard them all and learned them all before, I know that keeping track of all the three-letter acronym's of the new deal is going to be tough. Even FDR is a three-letter acronym!
The feedback on Julie's and my rough draft for the final project is pretty much what we expected. We plan to visit the fire station and complete our interview during the middle of next week so that we can round out the information and put it into a broader context.

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