Friday, March 21, 2008

In class, we are learning about the policies of FDR. I think it's interesting because they began our modern activist government. I think that he always seems to have a positive association with his presidency, yet he placed Americans in internment camps!! I guess because he provided relief to some and lead the US through WWII (which, for his involvement in the GD, I don't even think was good because of how he changed the role of government) people view him as a great leader. If internment happened today, I wonder what his approval rating would be. I guess there already is a modern-day internment going on in guantonamo, just not with many American citizens, but the current president has already has a low approval rating...
This weekend, Mengdi and I are going to try to start our interviews. One of ours is located in Sandford...I guess it will be interesting to learn about these firefighters. It would be great if some of them were involved in the Mall Fire. Maybe we could add their comments about the Mall Fire to our paper.

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