Monday, September 15, 2008

Can you write a history paper on folklore?

So the Annie Russell has a huge past, and while I could write about one of the people who acted there and how they went on to fame and fortune after, the thing that is definitely the most interesting aspect of the theater are all the creepy stories that the theater kids pass from one to another. If legends like the Odyssey and Beowulf can portray the values and culture of a society then what do these stories mean future Rollins students will think of us? I think these tall tales of our historical landmark should be recorded somehow because whether or not they are true, they explain an important part of theatre in general, the ability to tell a good story. Some of these stories are not very scary, but with the right lighting and a little bit of drama they are magical. Wikipedia doesn’t even mention paranormal activity on their article about the Annie Russell Theatre or Rollins College or Winter Park. We only have facts, and unfortunately, facts cannot really explain a culture, only traditions like storytelling can.

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