Saturday, September 6, 2008

Trouble with Topics..

The original topic which I had chosen for my project was to research several ghost stories and to research their background. I had planned to find the locations, and the characters which the stories were told about. This was something of great interest to me because I have always loved hearing ghost stories and been interested in haunted places. Unfortunately, my research in the library led to very little progress on the ghost front. While I have found several ghost tours in Central Florida, there were no real recordings of ghost stories in the archives. It seems like it will be too difficult to research a topic which there is hardly any information on, so now I am looking into another topic on which there would be more resources available, and equally as interesting.

So I have come up with several backup plans, I think may be able to do better overall job with my project with another topic.

One of my backup plans is to research the first undertaker in Orlando, which is an opition that I still need to look into in the archives.

My other backup plan is to research changes that Winter Park went through in relation to World War II, which was a period in time where residents of the United States of America had to deal with sacrifices and lots of changes.

So, as you can see, I really am not sure what my best plan of action would be. I will certainly use my time in the library on Monday to come up with a definitive plan and will not change it again!

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