Sunday, October 12, 2008

Interview with Bob Langford

This past week, while volunteering at the Winter Park Historical Museum, I was able to read the transcript of an interview with Bob Langford. The interview, which was conducted in 1981, was written down on a thirty page transcript. In the interview, Langford discusses several of the issues about his hotel --from the initial construction to famous people that stayed in his hotel and his thoughts on them. The interview begins with Langford discussing his family's flight from Chicago and arrival in Florida. Slowly, Bob constructs the timeline of how land was cleared for hotel and how the concept of a hotel in Winter Park was hated by a plethora of residents. I was unaware that many celebrities on the political stage had stayed in the hotel, such as Elenanor Roosevelt. President Reagan even had his fiftieth anniversary at the Langford. Overall, the interview contained many useful points and resources for my paper and I'm glad that I was able to read the transcript. The only problem is that it is hard to interpret what Bob Langford is saying at times since he constantly stutters and goes off topic, but otherwise the interview was great! 

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