Sunday, November 16, 2008

2nd Draft and DOA

This past week has been intersting in history class. Regarding my research paper i turned in my second draft this week. I made it a little longer, expanded on some points, and put in my footnotes. I met with TJ's to follow the recommendations that were put on my first draft which were to work on clarity and organization. I am confident in turning in my second draft and only hope that my paper continues to improve.
In class this week we watched DOA. I thought that it was a very interesting movie and i loved how the parallels of the time of the cold war and the fear was portrayed through this film. I am normally not a fan of older films nor those in black and white but i was actually quite impressed with this film. It kept me interested and it also gave me a good perspective on how things were seen due to the atomic threats and cold war through the plot of the film.

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