Sunday, November 2, 2008

this week and the next

well, last week I dont know what to really think about it. we were assigned this group for this OK Corral thing and I like my group but I just don't like our organizational skills because I'm the leader and it's hard for us to get together because four out of the five of us play sports. But.... hopefully this film is good because I really don't like watching bad movies.
And then about this Incognegro book. I LOVED IT.... it was a frieken comic book. it doesnt get much better than that. especcially on the grounds that it had pictures, it was built for kids like me, and it was a comic book. best book i've read in my educational career because it was a comic book. and the meaning behind the story was great. the outline of the story was exceptional and the lessons I learned from it were actually pretty cool. i think that because it was also a picturebook, which helped me remember the story and offer me a gerneal understanding through two ways of learning. for this week, my goals are to just get through the week by watching the movies and then getting to talk about incognegro again.


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