Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Day at the Library

It was a rather early morning in the library on Wednesday. I must admit, I was a little bit of a Debbie Downer about going because I was not so sure I would learn anything new. Well, I was quite mistaken. There are books and resources everywhere. Our instructor was super nice and really catered all the information to what we are writing our papers about this semester.
Apparently, American history is rather well-documented because there are many secondary resources available. Secondary resources are all about providing the general information and looking at the bigger scheme of things. There are a plethora of books with time lines and passages about specific cities. What more could any student ask for?
Meanwhile, the online resources are more suitable for finding primary resources. Primary resources allow people to find out the information on a first-hand basis. This means details, details, and more details. Perhaps a person's perspective can be a little biased but it is all good if he or she provides information supporting our topic. Everyone needs good back-up to prove their point...never go into a fight alone! Journals are especially good for getting little details especially when the entry supports your thesis!
Rollins has provided us access to many research databases, which seems awesome but I never get a chance to use them. Well, it seems like it will be pretty easy to find enough information to write a paper. It was nice getting a list of materials that would be useful when researching. After all, researching can get pretty tiring and truly become quite a tedious task. I really appreciated Mr. Svitavsky taking time to pull references off the shelf to show them to us. He really made it a point to provide us with all the information we could ever need to write a research paper for a history class.

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