Friday, January 30, 2009

Morning in Olin

Wednesday morning in the Olin Library seemed like an unnecessary trip, but that turned out to be false. Even though I have been to Library for another class, Prof. Svitavsky was extremely helpful. Not only did he pick out books that will be helpful for research in the future, but he explained what information would be found in each. After Prof. Svitavsky worked with the primary sources from the Library he went on to show research skills for secondary sources. Secondary sources through databases can be the toughest to find information from. Svitavsky taught us tools for searching, such as which databases would be relevant, what words not to use, and tips for narrowing a search. I feel confident that when it is time for me to research for this class I will easily be able to find information for my topic and if I have trouble, I know I can visit Prof. Svitavsky's desk. 


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