Friday, January 30, 2009

Research Tips in the Library

Thursday’s meeting in the library was very informative. I was pleasantly surprised by the new information that Dr. Svitavsky provided that was never mentioned in other research seminars in the library I’ve attended. Dr. Svitavsky introduced quick and simple ways of looking up historical events or places. Reference dictionaries such as “Historical Cities of the Americas” alphabetically list cities and locations so that you can quickly look up a city and read a timeline of the events that took place there.
For online research I learned ways to narrow your search in order to retrieve sources that are about your specific topic. I have usually stuck with J-Stor when conducting research for my courses however Dr. Svitavsky showed the class other sources for both primary and secondary sources. We also looked at a number of databases including the New York Times Historical Archive, which I thought would be very functional for my research. Most importantly, Dr. Svitavsky emphasized that you should start your research early so that if the library does not have the book or article they can get it for you. With the vast amount information provided in Thursday’s class I am more confident about researching for the paper.

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