Thursday, February 5, 2009

Field Trip!

I must admit I was super excited to go on a field trip! The Fire Department and Police Department are housed in a beautiful building! The Fire Chief knew a lot about the history of the Winter Park Fire Rescue Department, which was very impressive. Even though it was an early morning and I was starving, he really kept my interest because I learned a lot from him just talking to us about everything. I cannot believe that the Winter Park Fire Rescue Department is so advanced due to it being located in a fairly small town. I guess I should never underestimate people's abilities in striving to get what they want. I have definitely told at least 5 people or more about the 5-point harness that is now installed in ambulances.
After making a trip to the firehouse, I am really excited to work on this project and help out in any way. They seem like a great group of people from the couple representatives that we met on Wednesday. Who would have ever thought Ben Franklin had something to do firehouses? That was definitely a fun fact! It was interesting to learn that the firehouse in Winter Park has been around for over a 100 years, which is truly impressive. Apparently, there is a lot more into a being a firefighter than fighting fires, how ironic! These men and women have been given a lot of responsibility.
It is truly fascinating that the men and women in the Winter Park Fire Department have been able to collect and store many news articles and photographs to illustrate their years of success. It will be great to allow the public to have access and be able to recognize all of their accomplishments. Overall, I think this will be a great experience and I am really excited to do something with the Winter Park community, plus I get to learn a valuable skill, which is digitizing photos and articles.

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