Sunday, February 22, 2009

Imperialism: then and now

Many people do not look back on the past and see it as something that can change our future. Yet trends tend to rise and fall through the ages so what might have happened in the past is likely to happen in the future. A great example of this would be the Iraq war and the War on Terror happening today. While often our country has looked back and compared it to Vietnam, I think that similarities can be compared even more closely to the Imperialist age of American history. Like now, we sought to protect our interests over seas. This caused expansion in many places. The war in Iraq could be compared to the Spanish-American war, where while we fought for others freedom. Yet in the end, America became dominant over the countries which it fought to free. Like wise we can see now where America all but controls Iraq, wishing for American-like ideals to be pressed into the people. Like in the Philippines the people have fought back against our American troops, and hatred has become infested in those who we seek to help. While we do not seek control over the Iraqi people like we during our days or Imperialism, still the similarities are there.

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