Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Library Day

The session in the library on Wednesday was interesting. I have had sessions in the libaray before, and thought i knew about everything it had to offer me. When we went over all the information on the internet, i knew about JStor and how to access information like that. I thought that the information in the books was really interested. He showed us information we can use on our research paper about Chicago. The book that had towns in the country and the history of it was really cool to look at. I looked at my hometown and Winter Park. It was amazing to see how knowledgeable the instructor was. He mentioned how he had been a co-professor with Dr. Chambliss in a few coarses which was cool to know. It talked about he knew what our professor expected and than showed us how to do it. Overall, although a lot of the information presented i had known from previous sessions there was also a lot i didn't know. Having someone who knows what my professors expect and telling us how to do it is really cool.

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