Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chapter 23

At first, Wilson was known as the president that will keep the U.S. out of the war so he became known as the "peace president." The United States recognized it was its time to enter the war when Germany tried negotiating with Mexico, which surrounds the U.S. on the southern border. Wilson persuaded American citizens with rather convincing words: "peace without victory" and a "war for democracy." War is a pretty powerful tool and has a way of changing the minds of many. It is all about security!
The United States entered the war on the side of the Allies, who ended the war in 1918. Unfortunately for 18 year old men and older were subjected to the Selective Service Act, which is still a huge landmark in a young man's life. Even though the military represented the government, discrimination was still evident and practiced. IQ tests were used a justification for discrimination, which does not seem appropriate at all since there was not even equal opportunities to get an education.
In today's day and age, the Prohibition Act would not have gotten by at all. Many people would be outraged by such an idea. College students would argue without the manufacturing and distribution of alcohol, college life would not be the same. Whether that is true or not is always open for discussion.
Meanwhile, the Red Scare also became a problem during the early part of the 20th century. Some would have preferred the government to be controlled by the Socialist party rather than a Republican or Democratic candidate. Ironically, the American economy was one of the strongest in the world a year after the war ended. The war allowed manufacturers to master their productivity skills, which was still put to use after the war's end. There was no need to put a stop to something so successful. Going into the 1920s, there was a push to decrease the differences between the two classes. Soldiers were returning back to the homeland so the social aspect of the country was about to change yet again. The United States seems to be a country that continuously experiences change! We just do not settle for anything less than the latest and greatest! Why not strive to succeed?

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