Sunday, March 1, 2009


I viewed the film on Wednesday and I actually enjoyed it. I thought it would be painful to watch, but I really liked some of the points that were made and how it was directed. It showed how tough the working class had it and how poorly they were treated by their employers. Everyone had become part of the machine. Most of the workers were easily replaceable and just did the same motions over and over like a machine. The workers were very dirty and had to work in very dirty and unsafe conditions. Many workers were injured or killed while working and this was not a big deal the the boss's because these employees as individuals meant nothing and could be replaced at any time very easily. The conditions were extremely poor and everyone was becoming machine like and part of the machine of industry. It was interesting to see how similar this film was to what our working society is like today. I am not looking forward to writing the paper on this, but I think it will be easy and there will be many topics I can easily elaborate on.

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