Sunday, March 8, 2009


I really enjoyed the movie metropolis. I love watching old movies. It was just as entertaining as the old Buster Keaton movies. The movie was very informative of German’s view of that era. I really liked how the main character was holding onto the clock, trying to make it time to go, but it would never get there. The dancer girl, that all the men were lusting after was strange. That whole scene was kind of weird. I think the movie, with what it was showing about the era and all the workers, and their lives would have done without that odd scene.

I liked the way they showed how the big business factory owner did not care one bit what happened in the explosion of at the factory until he heard that his son was involved. This is a great description of the business owners of that time. They had little care for the safety of their workers, solely wanting to make a large profit. They did not take into account the long hours and low wages, and how it affected the workers lives.

It was interesting that this was a view of the future of that time. It was not accurate obviously, because we have so many laws about how workers can be treated and what wages ought to be, that few people are treated unfairly. And workers compensation allows the workers to have money when injured on the job, to pay for their doctors bills and time to recover. This is differently from how the movie depicted that the workers were still treated poorly, however at the end of the movie they showed that one day the workers and the factor owners would come together in harmony.

All in all I enjoyed the movie, and can’t wait to watch the next one! J

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