Monday, March 23, 2009


Created in 1927, Metropolis is supposed to take place in the future in the year of 2026. What the movie really emphasizes is the great gap between the rich and poor as the poor work tirelessly in underground factories, while the rich prsoper off of the poors hard work which is located above ground. One of the main things the movie points out which was a concern during the 1920's were labor hours. Throughout most of the movie the workers are worked extremely hard even to points where some of them die from working too hard. Along with this notion is the fear of industrialization during this time as many feared the growth of a industrial nation as it was making the U.S. something that so many tried to leave when they left European states. It decreased the amount of freedom people had and it made work more like slave labor as they were treated horribly.
Politically there is a class struggle between the rich and poor, and class identity becomes really defined. Economically a class struggle is seen once again between the rich and poor as the rich seem to prosper over everything the lower class is doing. The idea of industrialization is also seen as a bad thing as it is portrayed as a very powerful and almost unstoppable entity that will only cause chaos and destruction. Obviously, the process of industrialization isn't something that has completely torn up the United States but it has definitely come with some costs, especially to minority groups as portrayed in the film.

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