Friday, March 6, 2009

Freder looks like a girl

The notion of a group project about a silent, science fiction film did not excite me in the slightest. No offense to anyone in my group, because they were great, but I can't stand group projects. The film itself was okay, I definitely wouldn't watch it again anytime soon. The theme was clearly about the struggle between the upper and lower classes. The film was definitely a criticism of capitalism and the fact that the rich enjoyed lavish lifestyles while the working class slummed away in terrible working conditions just to scrape by. I found it strange that all of the men and the women kind of looked alike in the film. I'm not sure if anyone else found this to be true, but Freder was extremely feminine to me. One day, Freder ventures on down to the lower city and witnesses the everyday life of a lower class laborer. He was so appalled that he decided to switch places with one of the workers to establish equality. Everyday, the workers would listen to Maria speak on their breaks. She preached patient in leu of the arrival of a mediator, but the workers wanted to revolt and bring down the upper class. Rotwung, a crazy inventor who had a vendetta against Mr. Fredersen, the factory owner, decides to give a robot the appearance of Maria in order to convince the workers to attack. In doing so, the city was flooded and destroyed. During the 1920's, when this film was released, capitalism was taking advantage of the lower class for the benefit of the upper class, which was mirrored in Metropolis.

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