Friday, March 20, 2009

Parking on Campus is Horrible

This past Wednesday, Felicia and I went to the Winter Park Fire Station to begin our scanning project. When we arrived at the fire station, the employees there were very nice and pointed us to the room with the scrapbooks in them. Felicia and I began to look through the scrapbooks for newspaper articles that were somewhat interesting and had lots of information on them. We recorded which articles we scanned in the binder in order to prevent a classmate from scanning the same article.
I selected five different articles from five different time periods. The earliest article I selected was from 1967 about Winter Park adopting higher pay wages for fire fighters. The article states that Orlando patrolman have experienced a higher increase in wages then Winter Park patrolman – “Orlando has set a starting salary of $5,678 for a patrolman with increase over five years to $6,988”. The second article I scanned was about the troubled times Winter Park faced in the mid 1970’s. The article explains the political missteps that city officials have taken during the mid 1970’s. The author of the article continues and states that at some point these city officials even the city commissioners will eventually need to take responsibility for the actions. The Winter Park Fire Station buys new super trucks in 1982 and then two years later one of those new trucks accidentally hits a man while responding to an emergency call. Lastly, a 1998 article, “Anti-terrorism training is next wave for firefighters” highlights all of the different responsibilities that fire departments have.
Overall, the experience of scanning was frustrating due to the scanners not working and the lack of parking on campus. The people at the library did assist us; however, they were not able to fix the majority of the problems that we faced. I wish the process was faster and less frustrating; however, we successfully scanned all of our articles.

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