Sunday, March 22, 2009

Running Back-and-Forth

Last Wednesday morning, Nicole and I were determined to get our scanning work done. After class we made our way to my car and headed off to the Winter Park Fire Station. Driving was a lot faster than walking all that distance so we figured it was the most time effective way of getting things done. Once we were in the fire station, we made sure to ask for directions so we did not waste any time. We both discussed the best method of getting this project done and we concluded that articles made a lot more sense because the information is already written out, it is just a matter of summarizing the information.
We both had five articles in hand and made sure to note the materials we took so no one duplicated the articles we were about to scan. Of course, it had to a fairly windy day so we were worried about our articles flying everyone but we both held a tight grip on them. Then we got back in the car and headed to school but there was no parking! Great! Now we were going to have to walk from the parking garage to the library in the wind...not good! Well, we made it there in no time.
The scanning area was rather crowded but with no one who was scanning anything. There was a couple computers open but one computer would not turn on and the scanner attached to the other computer would not turn on. Plus we both are not Mac experts so the directions were hard to understand when trying to use a Mac. Nicole worked her magic and asked a girl to trade computers with us. She was not very happy but the sign clearly says that we have priority over other people who are not scanning materials.
Once we finally got started everything started to run smoothly. We borrowed Jump Drives from the Library, which was very handy! Just in case anyone forgets their Jump Drive, know that the library will lend you one for 24 hours! Also know that the articles are not in the best condition so sometimes the scans will not look perfect. We both agreed that we gave it our best shot with the materials we had in hand! I think the hardest and most time consuming part is making the trip to the fire house and then scanning the material. Once you get all the scanning done, you can do the summaries on your own time! :)

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