Monday, May 4, 2009

Ronald Reagan

Arguably the best president this country has ever seen. He ran as a Republican against Jimmy Carter, a Democrat. He ran as a strong leader. He had the 'Reagan Revolution' also known as the Conservative revolution. Because he had been in the film industry, and been cast in lots of movies, and had great speaking skills he was nicknamed 'The great Communicator'.
He was a very strong conservative president. His main goal was the cut taxes. Many people claim that when taxes are cut, that it only benefits the rich; but it is the rich who are paying the majority of the taxes, so they are the ones who have more taxes to be cut. Like John Kennedy Ronald Reagan believed that cutting taxes increased economic productivity, and therefore increased tax revenues in the long run.
He also cut spending (except for defense spending such as on military weapons) and de-regulation (of businesses and such). He believed in smaller government and that the government was not the answer to everyone's problems and that people should take responsibilty for themselves. He believed in a strong military and strong family values even though he himself was divorced and remarried.
He was president from 1981-1989 winning with a landslide his second term.

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