Friday, October 2, 2009

Giving Slow Birth

I've sadly had a rather difficult extenuating circumstances in terms of this particular project. Without going into any embarrassing or unnecessary detail, I was forced to cancel interactions with my assigned partner and take on this workload myself as of yesterday afternoon. This meant significant extra research, and synthesis of a wholly new and original essay. Luckily, I received an extention, and am doing the best that I can with it, despite the fact that certain previous obligations mean that I am actually out of town for the weekend. It is stressful to say the least, but that is enough venting for one blog post. As far as the actual process of designing my Field Report, I started with the context. That is, my person is Major General Arthur St. Clair, and my prompt deals with the challenges he faces in accomplishing the mission he has when first taking control of Fort Ticonderoga. For me, that means limiting my presentation almost exclusively to this pre-battle period of time, and my research paper can only touch on it at most. The focus all around needs to be on those initial problems. there are pros and cons to this. We have all been using Ketchum's book as a basic foundation to build the rest of our research on. To cull together relevant information out of that work is essentially to study perhaps a dozen pages out of one of the earlier chapters, and confine myself there. On one hand, this simplifies the organization of my points, and I can focus my outside research on enforcing these points (which I have done). On the other hand, it means that I need to stretch my research a lot farther if I hope to even try and make six-page minimum required.

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