Sunday, October 25, 2009

Main Idea to Calusa Research Paper

My research paper is written about the Calusa Indians and their interaction with the Spanish explorers. The Calusa have a complex society that mixes religion with their social hierarchy. Upon learning of this the Spanish want to save the Calusa and convert them to Catholics. Since the Calusa have been practicing their beliefs for centuries they refused to switch to the Spanish ways. This led to a series of confrontations between the natives and the European explores which ultimately resulted in the demise of the Calusa kingdom. The main idea of my research paper is to illustrate the first hand experiences the Spanish with the Calusa and how both parties reacted to the hostility. I want to show how The Calusa thrived as a people prior to the European settlers but slowing began to decline upon their arrival. An image that summarizes my main idea is as following:
In this image, a Calusa leader is making contact with a Spanish missionary. This represents the paper well because their religious conflict is the start and eventually the end to the battles between them.

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