Sunday, November 22, 2009

Environment and the Florida experience

The environment has always been one of the most prominent factors that influenced living patterns and settlement in Florida. Settlers that have come over from the European areas had to adapt to climates and terrain that were much different from what they were accustomed to overseas. The temperature was warmer and more harsh than Europeans were accustomed to so they developed diseases and other complications that resulted in deaths. One of the benefits of this change of climate is that those who settled in Florida grew immune to certain diseases and they are no longer a problem in Florida up until this day. The environment also posed a problem because it was nothing like the settlers expected it to be. They felt as if it was a paradise that they could come in and cultivate the land without a problem but what they encountered was rugged and untamed terrain that they had trouble managing. All in all, the perception that foreigners had of Florida was an illusion and they were in for a rude awakening when thet made landfull because it was nothing that they had expected.

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