Monday, November 23, 2009

The environment

The environment shaped Florida history in ways unimaginable. For example, during the Spanish occupation of Florida, the Europeans treated the natives as savages, as well as the environment. Hatred bled across the environment because the Europeans, such as the Spanish and the English associated the land with the inequalities of the Native tribes. Such injustice created tensions between tribes, such as the Calusa, Choctaw, and Timucuan tribes. Therefore, the Europeans began to ravage the land, creating unimaginable destruction to Florida. Before this happened, Florida was a land that thrived upon the Native Americans, who respected nature. They helped the environment for reasons concerning their belief in polytheism, and traditions handed down by their leaders. The environment was an entity of beauty to many tribes, which was shown through the natives' respect of nature's purity, and benefits to their land. Ultimately, its was the Europeans' bad judgments that lead to the destruction of the environment, creating great tension within Florida. With the environment, Florida lost a culture, a people, and a civilization.

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