Saturday, November 7, 2009

Olin Archive

If you take a poll and ask how many people spend time regularly in the Olin Archive in our campus library you will find that not too many people go there or more that they didnt even know we had a first floor in the library. On the whole I did not enjoy working in the archive at all. One reason, the main reason, is that it is hot and and there is little air circulation down there. It is hard to be down there for more than two minutes without becoming agitated and wanting to leave so it was hard to stay down there and look up the things that I needed. I also did not like working in the archive because the materials down there could not be checked out so you had to go and make copies of them and make sure you had everything you needed before you left the library. I think the thing that made the experience the worst for me was the fact that the cellular service was horrible and I didnt get any of my missed calls or text messages until I left from down there. Although the material that I got from the archive was helpful in writing the paper the time that I had to spend in the Olin Archive was not worth it.

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