Sunday, November 8, 2009

Olin library search

In the Olin archive there was many great sources I found. A large majority of my primary sources for my research project came from the library itself. One of the most original and authentic sources I found, such as James Adair's “The History of the American Indians" (Revised 1968) was published originally in the 18th Century. What makes this document the most interesting of my sources, was that it contains the words of the author, who wrote it during the 1700s. The wording is very archaic, valuable and can give me excellent insight about early Florida history. In addition, I found ten other primary sources, many which I found in the Olin library. My secondary sources were academic journals I found while using my RefWorks account at the Olin Library. Even though a large majority of the journals I found on RefWorks was not at the library itself, I began to find the sources from other areas. While searching the archives, I found many great books that were extremely useful because they had a lot of important information on the subject in which I am researching. I did not find it as difficult as others thought it would be because I found the people working at the library to be extremely helpful. Because of the authenticity of the materials I discovered in the library's archives, I discovered an advantage that could help me a great deal in my paper. Although the environment in the archives was at best very hot because of poor air conditioning, I found the archives to be extremely helpful for me.

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