Thursday, January 21, 2010

Was urbanization crucial to southern life after the Civil War?

The Post-Civil War Reconstruction era was very important not only to the North but also in the South. Although majority of the approval and desire for equality remained in the North, it wouldn't be long until it spread in the South. The South was still very much agrarian and the culture was still very much that of the "old South," but the push for urbanization that opened up possibilities for new businesses and government policies aided in forming the "new South."If this urbanization had not happened, discrimination would have continued and the government and economies of the South would be very backward. Progress would not have ensued and the identity of the South would have remained agrarian and would not be as developed as it is today. Though there was segregation, I believe this strengthened the southern ideals even more since they've learned a lot in simply transforming their ideals and working to accommodate different races into their changing identity.

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