Thursday, February 11, 2010

Atlanta City Planning 1900-1950

My primary source document is an article from The New York Times in 1923. This article describes how the city of Atlanta evolved and all of the exciting changes that were beginning to occur. The beginning of the article mentions the attractions of Atlanta including a Grand Opera Company, Symphony Orchestra, “one of the country’s best school systems” and many others. This article puts a very positive spin on the city planning and spends much more time pointing out all of the positive aspects of the city and overlooking some of the negative. It mentions the racial segregation, but quickly continues on describing the upbeat, lively atmosphere and all of the driven people who are attracted to this city. The article goes on to mention that schooling is now becoming one of the most prized aspects of Atlanta and that great school opportunities are available for both whites and blacks. This article gives a helpful overview of the rising city and its upcoming attractions.

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