Thursday, February 18, 2010

Atlanta City Planning 1900-1950

I found an article in The New York Times from November 20, 1910 called "South Attracts Winter Tourists." This article is about the newly constructed roads in the South and also the utilization of the older roads. By this time automobiles were gaining popularity and many people enjoyed taking site-seeing trips to the South for leisure.This was great news for upcoming Southern cities such as Atlanta because this drew more people into the city and it also gained recognition. Although there was still no direct route from the North to the South, the roads were becoming better and it was easier to travel these long distances. In only a few instances was it necessary to take ferries to other roads. Atlanta drew in crowds because of their many tourist attractions and showed that South was no longer completely "on its own" and that it was becoming connected with other major cities in the North.

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