Thursday, February 4, 2010

Atlanta Education 1950-2000

Education in Atlanta has changed greatly during this 50 year period. According to City of Atlanta data, high school graduation attainment has changed 74.6% and college graduation attainment has changed 297.5%. Changes in Atlanta's education shows reflects much more than just numbers of graduates. The quality and form education has taken in this city is very telling about other deeper issues going on at the time. One very telling example has to do with race. In 1959 a Georgia court ruled that Atlanta's segregated school system was illegal and ordered that integration begin. It was only 40 years later that, far from being forced to allow black students in white schools, Atlanta took the initiative to integrate African American History and Culture into a formerly white and European centered curriculum. This, along with similar stories, shows how Atlanta's education reflects Atlanta as a whole.

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