Thursday, February 25, 2010

How did the "race movement" affect southern life?

1919 was a year of race riots. The blacks who had served in the armed forces thought that they would be treated more equally upon returning to America. They had fought for democracy overseas and hoped that this would help bring democracy to themselves; however, they were mistaken. In the South, black veterans who were no longer willing to take insults and discrimination were attacked by lynch mobs. There was a lot more violence now that black veterans and other black people involved in the race movement were willing to stand up for their civil rights. Furthermore, blacks who had filled in at work for the white men off at war were now jobless as the veterans returned to their jobs. Marcus Garvey started the movement of black nationalism based on the ideas of separatism and self-sufficiency. These movements affected southern life because there was a lot of black migration to the north, which further increased racial tensions.

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