Thursday, March 25, 2010

Atlanta Politics 1950-2000

The recent findings I've gotten included more information about Maynard Jackson, Atlanta's first black mayor, and the policies he enforced as soon as he stepped into office in 1973. It is amazing how much social changes occurred while Jackson was mayor. What's even more amazing was that everything happened amidst criticism and controversy. Jackson's first term made affirmative action the main priority. He hires more minorities and women, and allows more minority businesses to start up by awarding them contracts. Naturally, a minority in office would be in favor of implementing policies that included and benefited everyone, regardless of race or color, and that ended discrimination practices. This can be seen in the construction of Atlanta's airport. Jackson hires a black woman to oversee the project, which stirred up a lot of controversy (i.e. whites were arguing that it was reverse discrimination). But despite all this, Jackson still managed to get re-elected for a second term, proving that his vision of the new South and his policies were not as rejected as they were thought to have been.

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