Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is Florida part of the South?

After the reading the assigned article for today (Wednesday, 3/30/2010), I do believe that Florida is part of the South geographically, but it's development and it's current nature would not fit the typical "Southern" description. Florida did start out as an agrarian state much like the rest of the South. However, industrial and infrastructural developments helped modernize Florida. In addition, World War 2 and the aftermath of WW2 further boosted Florida's economy, doing away with the formerly agrarian-based economy. Industries and tourism developed quickly, and along with these, mass immigration and urbanization. Florida is very different from the other Southern states since, I believe, it is more developed and urbanized. Unlike Georgia or Alabama, majority of the population of Florida live in the urban and suburban areas, not the rural areas. In effect, Florida is part of the South geographically, but in everything else, Florida differs from its southern counterparts.

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