Thursday, April 15, 2010

Do the popular conceptions of Florida and the reality match up?

The danger of popular conceptions is that they tend to over generalize. While some of it is grounded in truth, a lot gets left out. Yes, Florida makes a lot of money on tourism. Yes, the Orlando area has been altered and redefined by Disney. Yes, Florida has beautiful beaches. And yes, South Florida has many Hispanic immigrants. If you closer though, these conceptions can be flawed.

Look at South Florida, for example. It is alternately viewed as the prime Spring Break spot and where old New Yorkers retire too. Clearly, if these ideas were taken separately they would paint two very different pictures of South Florida. Then, what happens when you take these together? Or when you add a third or fourth South Florida group, such as Hispanics or the Seminoles. Very quickly a black and white stereotyped identity is transformed into a dynamic and varied region with character and flavor.

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