Thursday, April 8, 2010

How does Florida’s experience reflect post World War II expectations?

After WWII, the 1950’s were a very important time regarding Florida’s demographic change. Many people gained knowledge of the state because of the many military training bases that were set up during the war. After, once soldiers were out of the war, they returned to Florida and made it their home bringing varying ages of citizens to the states because of families living there as their permanent home. The state was previously demographically mush older with a huge hispanic population, but was now beginning to become more diverse. Although Florida in the 1950's was still pretty agrarian, the Cattle industry was the biggest industry in the state and also drew attention. The invention of the air conditioning was very important to the growth of Florida because it made the hot summers livable causing Florida to seem more attractive. Also, Florida’s engagement in the space program brought tremendous growth for the state and Florida’s reputation began to change as the state became more and more desirable to live in. The space program was a great attribute of Florida because it showed increasing technology and that the state was part of greater improvement meant for the rest of the country.The ease of transportation allowed for Florida’s tourism industry to flourish. There was an explosition of urbanization which took place during the 1960's and most of this had to do with Eisenhower and his incredible power including his funding for the National Highway System which was a great accomplishment under the Eisenhower administration. The U.S. post WWII was all about growth and Florida is a good example of states modernizing and gaining attention.

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