Friday, April 2, 2010


Today: No
In the past: Yes

Before 1940, Florida could have been considered part of the south. It participated on the south end of the civil war and had southern characteristics (weather and the way of living.) After world war II, many people who experienced how great Florida was, came back with the rest of their family. Tourists made Florida their number one destination and upper class Northerners bought winter homes to enjoy the weather. This mixture of non-Florida born and non-southern born group of people all migrating and mixing together all over parts of central and southern florida made this state very unique, but also very un-southern like. Florida has no accent except in northern parts near Georgia. Florida also has a very diverse cultural aspects. Older people also move down here to live the rest of their lives in the warmth. This also gives Florida it's own way. Florida has a special way about driving. Between the elderly population and "slow heat way" about the rest of the inhabitants, it makes it very difficult to get anywhere quickly. There were many Hispanic and Caribbean Floridians too which mixes it up even more. All of these things make Florida very un-southern like. It's it's own little world; the people, food, culture, and diversity makes Florida a very attractive place to move to.

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