Thursday, April 22, 2010

What Role has Racial Diversity had in Shaping the Florida Experience?

Due in large part to Florida’s tourist attractions, people from all over were drawn to these parts of Florida where they had heard much about. Especially once Disney opened, their advertising was tremendously well-broadcasted and reached people all over the world. Once people were drawn to Florida, they saw what all the advertising was about and realized what a beautiful place Florida is and how much it has to offer.

Although Florida is in the South, and has a part of their society that is segregated and against diversity, there is also the other part of Florida that is full of various people especially many Cubans who escaped to Southern Florida during the Revolution. The Cubans brought with them their culture as well as their language. Even today many places in Florida especially Southern Florida, Miami for example, is full of Spanish speakers. Florida is diverse and with the new citizens along came their culture and customs. This allows for Florida to be unique and seen as an eclectic state full of a wide-range of people.

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