Thursday, August 25, 2011

How do the space you live in effect your perception?

The location of where you live can easily change your perception on life in many different ways. It can change from a social standpoint, a resource standpoint and educational standpoint. My life has changed drastically many different times over the past couple years. I have gone from a small town in Western Massachusetts with a population of 2,000 people, to a boarding school that limited things you could do, to college in Florida where it is always warm and always has things to do.

I come from a little town in Massachusetts where people have to drive at least fifteen minutes just to go to the grocery store. In order to get anywhere a car is needed because my town is in the middle of nowhere. I was used to driving and having the freedom to go as far as I needed whenever I wanted. Then my life changed when I would go back to boarding school for the school year.

At boarding school I felt like a robot. You did the same thing everyday at the same time. Go to school from eight thirty to two o’clock, then go to sports practice till four thirty, then dinner started at five and closed at seven, then we had study hall from eight to ten every night, and finally you would have to be in your room at eleven for lights out. The next morning I would wake up and do it all over again. It was very hard to do the same things everyday because it got repetitive and boring. I also was not used to not having the freedom of having my car to go anywhere I wanted like I did at home. That was very hard to adjust to because you feel trapped and can only go so far.

My point of view on my family and friendships changed when I went to boarding school too. I could never see my friends from home or family because I was always at school. I lost touch with my friends and tried to talk to my family as much as possible but had limited time because I was always busy. It was very difficult at first, but I adapted to it and learned that relationships with family and friends mean a lot more than you originally think before you can’t see them as much.

From a small town to boarding school, I have finally arrived here at Rollins College, which is a completely different experience than both home and boarding school. I am now living in a warm climate, which I have always wanted. I think the heat and constant sunshine makes people be in a better mood unlike the depressing, cold, dark winters where I live. The campus is close to everything, Disney, Universal, grocery stores, Orlando, the beach, everything imaginable. This has changed my perception on life, and how accessible things can be depending on where you live. Before I always thought it was normal to have to drive fifteen minutes just to go to the grocery store, never mind Disney World. Here I have more freedom of what I want to do, unlike boarding school. I don’t feel trapped and I finally feel free and independent.

My perception on life has changes drastically throughout a past few years, however I think my perception changed for the better. I feel more exposed to the world now and more independent. I’m now more open to do anything now that I am in college because I don’t feel trapped and robotic as I did for the past four years of my life.


  1. I believe that both living in a big city or a small town has advantages and disadvantages. I grew up and lived my whole life in a big city, so this affects my point about choosing the place ill live in. living in a city has more advantages than living in a town for many reasons. First, the city has more services than a town like hospitals, supermarkets, etc. Second, I would have more options to choose whatever suits me in restaurants, entertainment places. And I can go walking or take the bus to get there. Third, a city could never become boring because there is always something new to do. And talking about the social life, I think that the social life will be better in a city where a person can interact with all kinds of different people from around the world. However, living in a city has some disadvantages. First, a city is going to be crowded and loud almost all the time. Second, it has more pollution because of the cars and other machinery that people use. It’s true that a lot of people who live in a city don’t have much time, but being busy is better than doing nothing.
    I believe that a small town can be a perfect place for students and for parents who have kids to rise. It can be safer and more quite than a city. Another advantage of living in a town is that people will spend less time to get to the place that they want to go to. Living a town could be cheaper than living in a city. People who live in a town can be more acceptable to other people than the ones who live in a city. It also has some disadvantages. First, most of small towns don’t have all the services that people need. Second, it has some kind of limitation on what people can choose to do or where to go to.
    If I had to choose between the two of the above, I would definitely choose to live in a city where I can have an outgoing life. I will have a better chance to do better in my studies and work because I will have more challenging. It will give me a better chance to interact socially. Finally, life will have more fun because I would have a verity of stuff to do. I strongly suggest living in a city for those who like to enjoy the busy life. And for those who like to lay back and relax, I will say that living in a town will be a better fit for them.

  2. It's great that Maan took the time to comment on your post. Excellent!

    Our connections in any environment have much to do with how we judge the success of our experience. This is a point I want you to consider closely as we work through our project this semester.