Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Space and perception

The space in which one lives, has much effect on one's perception. People are effected by the places in which they live, the people they interact with, and the institutions they are enrolled in. These criterions help shape and change a person into a specific figure that exemplifies his/her surrounding at that moment in their lives.

I was born in Orlando Florida. My parents, born and raised in Israel, came to the United States because of my Father's career. Living in the U.S and soaking in the culture, has been very beneficial, and provided me with many tools to later on evolve in to the person I am today.
When I turned five years old, I moved to Israel- A cultural shock. Growing up in Israel, you find yourself forced to "grow up" faster than you would hope to. Facing political conflicts on a day to day basis, engaging in political and social activities as mandatory events, and finally reaching the point in which you must step up to your responsibility to defend the country (the army)- all create a harsh and difficult, yet interesting, reality. Coming back to the United States for college, I have begun to greatly appreciate my life. The fact that I have the ability to acquire high education in a respectable institution and to live a full, carefree and thriving life- to be able to do all of the things that may seem conventional and daily to us, but are very uncommon and rare to many others.

Finally, any experience you choose or may not choose to undertake will in fact effect your life. It is obvious that those experiences will occur at a specific setting with specific people, and so those specific settings and people will be a great reason of why and how, you act and behave towards others. My perception has changed a lot through my life. it will definitely keep on shaping and changing. the space in which I live provided me a way to express myself in a specific format that relates to the space in which I lives. These current and prospect changes have and will force me to change my perception accordingly.

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