Thursday, September 22, 2011

Consumption in the 1890's

In the early 19th century there was a great industrialization movement that began. Big corporations began to rise and the term "monopolies" became a very common one. The big businesses that had started urged many citizens to immigrate to the big cities and the nearer areas in order to take part of the massive industrialization. There was the need for skilled workers to operate a product that was produced, due to the industrialization in America, in high quantities in less time and money. Thus, the era of consumerism began. With the big city life, the many shops and restaurants and theaters, people started spending more money on many things they would not have spent it on in the past. Leisure was the popular term of that time. Before this, people worked in self-sufficient jobs; they consumed the product that they produced. However, in the beginning of the consumption era, people became aware of the amazing lifestyle they can strive for. This image of an 1890's hotel in Winter Park shows exactly what people were interested in spending their money on at that time. Men and women dressed nicely, loafing around carelessly- seems very peaceful and leisurely. This image is the perfect example of the lifestyle that was captured in the time of consumption. People based their money spending decisions, not only on what they needed but also what they wanted, what satisfied their pleasure and not only what was necessary. This concept was life changing; the economy was not only growing on sufficiency but also on what people want- it was a mind boggling concept- to make and spend money on what you want versus what you need.

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