Thursday, September 8, 2011

divides in communities

I think many different aspects can separate communities. Some of these aspects are race, life styles, wealth and similar hobbies. People like to live next to people that are like them. If someone has a big, fancy house and likes a quiet neighborhood they are not going to move to a community that has one big house surrounded by little shacks that do not look nice at all, and people are being loud the whole time. The person with the nice house will want to live in a community where they are not the only one with a nice house. This is where communities are separated because on one side of town there will be a lot of nice houses, where the wealthy people live and the other side of the community will be a part where the lower class people live who don’t have as nice of a house.

This brings in race. From statistics we have learned in class, it shows that the white population is more likely to be wealthier than other races in America. Therefore, the community with the nice, big houses will have a majority of white people. The other side of that community will be made up of other races. Race plays a big part in the separation of communities because it limits the type of jobs you can get depending on where you live. For example if you lived in winter park and you were white living on the nice part of town, you have better access to the nice stores on this side of town than other people do who live on the lower class side of town. Therefore, you can work at these nice stores and or businesses and make more money. On the other side of town the stores are not as nice and well kept, and that is most likely where the people who live on that side of town will work, and wont be able to make as much money as the wealthy white man who works at the nice store.

Life styles depend on salaries. People who live on the lower class side of town receive a lower salary than the people on the upper class side of town. People on the wealthy side of town have much different hobbies and life styles than the other people. This is because they can afford things that the others cant. This causes a huge divide in the town between communities. I do not see any of these divides ever changing. It is close to impossible to change this because all of these differences makes bigger gaps between these people and it will only continue to grow because the people who are lower class will have a very rough time trying to get better jobs because they can only work so far away form their house and if all the businesses around their house do not pay much then this will stay like this forever.

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  1. At what point does race become a determining factor in success? Can we make the argument that face should be ignored in favor of some broader metric?